Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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I Love You Because... Chalkboard

This past Christmas I received this cute homemade chalkboard from my sister and her husband. This is one of my favorite gifts. I especially love it around Valentine's Day when I'm thinking of all the reasons why I love my husband (and my kids).

Think of all the reasons you love your "loved one" and let them know! You don't need a fancy chalkboard (though it is super cute) to show your love. Use simple Post-it notes or Valentine Day cards.

What would you write today?

If you would like to make your own board, I can tell you that it is a thin piece of wood spray-painted with chalkboard spray. The border/frame is made also from wood trim. The letters are vinyl. The outcome is cute!


  1. Great gift idea and easy to make! We made all the gifts for Christmas this year...I'll have to add this one to my maybe list for next year's workshop!

  2. I love this idea and think it's such a great idea to take time to write on each day! Thanks so much for stopping by Tales of the T's!

    ~Mrs. T (www.tales-of-the-ts.com)

  3. It is such a cute idea - here are instructions on how to make your own!


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