Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let's Go Fly a Kite: Lessons from a Kite

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It's been great kite weather lately. We finally busted out the kite to do some flying and learn a lesson or two about life.

My 3-year old loves to explore. She loves to try anything and everything. This week she wanted to fly the kite herself. Later, I was thinking back on our day and was thinking about how life was like this kite we had been flying.

We started out holding the string together for a while and then I let go so she could fly the kite herself. She decided to let go too. Quickly the kite took off and soon the tree was flying the kite!

Lesson #1: We need an anchor in our life. Weather they be rules, commandments, faith, etc., we need something to anchor our lives. If we let go and throw all caution to the wind, we could end up somewhere we don't want to be. We often repeat to our 3-year old the reasons why we have certain rules- "because we love you, because we don't want you to get hurt/lost/sick, because we want to keep you safe/healthy," etc. She might see the rules as things that she cannot do, but we see rules as things that will give her freedom with other things in the future if she chooses to obey.

We got the kite out of the tree and the wind died down. The kite didn't fly without the wind. But, the wind picked up again and we got the kite flying again. The kite took dives here and there but recovered gracefully each time we pulled on the string.

Lesson #2: We can be a beautiful kite on the ground but we don't fulfill our purpose if we sit around. A person that has purpose knows that he/she must take on trials to be successful. He/she may be weary to leave the ground and may take dives here and there but will eventually recover and become more experienced, refined, and beautiful. A kite isn't a kite if it doesn't fly.

The kite looked so tiny in the big sky but it looked so cool with the yellow tail dancing. It was incredible that this piece of plastic could do something so marvelous. As we were struggling with the inconsistency of the wind, my daughter started to run to get the kite flying again. As she was running, the string broke! The kite took off again, directionless, and then settled. We tied the strings back together and the kite flew once more, just as before. 

Lesson #3: Sometimes we feel like we're insignificant and small. But we must not forget how important we are. We can do great things, no matter how small or simple.

Lesson #4: We can't fly alone. We need others to lift us, to help us, to keep us flying. Don't break those ties!!! If your ties have been broken, mend them! Repent, forgive, say, "I'm sorry." 

There are lessons to be found every day if we seek them. What experience has taught you today? 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fabric Carrots

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This weekend was nice and relaxing. I even got in some sewing! Clare's Craftroom posted some super darling carrots and I wanted to try them. Her carrots are much cuter than mine but they were just so fun to make, I couldn't help myself. 

I had a hard time finding the right color of orange and green so all my carrots turned out the same. However, I did add 2 other sizes because I like a variety.

The large carrot size is my favorite (below).

Here's the medium size in front of the large.

And the small in the very front.

I created a pattern of the 3 sizes that you can download and print at the end of this post. Visit Clare's Craftroom for complete instructions. She's awesome.

Happy Easter!!! Happy spring!!! Happy sewing!!!

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