Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunflower Twinkie Cake

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It was my daughter's 4th birthday last weekend. She wanted a flower-themed birthday party. It's a little tricky to decorate outside but at least we had a flower cake. I got a quick picture of it before it disappeared.

This cake was fun and easy to make. The center is a regular 9" round cake frosted with yellow frosting and topped with Hershey kisses. The petals are Twinkies cut in half. I liked how the sunflower turned out.

Next time I think I'll do a daisy- leave the Twinkies long (maybe cutting off just a little on one end to give it a flat edge) and frost them white (or whatever color). I'll probably use candy melts for the center, since they come in all sorts of colors, or just pipe it with frosting. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tissue Paper Flowers with Balloon Center

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My daughter's birthday is coming up and she wants a flower-themed party. (I'm sure the boys are going to love it.) Anyway, I tinkered around with making paper flowers and came up with this bloom. I think I like it. 

If you like it, you can make it too! Click HERE to find out how to make a simple paper flower. 

You're going to do the same thing with the tissue paper flowers but using 6-8 full sheets of tissue paper. I also stapled the middle instead of using a pipe cleaner (of course). I fastened a balloon to the center and then tied on a couple of tissue paper "leaves." Voila! 

TIP: Dollar Tree has tissue paper in packs of pink or blue along with multi-color packs. All the tissue paper seen here is from Dollar Tree.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Get Your Kids to Clean!

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We were invited over to a friend's home for dinner a couple of weeks ago. He and his wife have 3 darling children. During our conversation about parenting he asked his son, "Why did mommy and daddy have kids?" His 5-year old son said, "So we can work!" Our friend continued and said, "That's right! We don't have a cow for you to milk or feed so we have you do other things instead to keep our family running."

He has a point.

As a former high school teacher, I was amazed by how little responsibility my students had as members of their family. I performed a little informal survey. Were they required or expected to clean their rooms, make their beds, do their own laundry, do the dishes, etc.? Surprisingly, no! WHAT??!! What happened?? These are grown people who are going to be living on their own in a year or two and don't know how to start a dishwasher?

All I know is that I'm starting my kids early. My 3-year old LOVES to clean. I'm running with it! I got her a tote ($1 at Target) with her own cleaning supplies so that she can help me. It was cheap and easy to put together. 

In the tote:

  • Spray bottle ($1 at Walmart) filled with water
  • Small broom and dustpan ($2 at the grocery store)
  • Mini squeegee ($2 at the grocery store)
  • Extra rag
  • Sponge 
  • Scouring pad (6 for $1 at the grocery store) which we will NOT use on the dishes.

So, what can your child clean?

Here's a list of things he/she can clean (or should learn how to clean, or know how to clean) at each age:

2-3 Years Old
Pick up toys, books
Clean glass tables 
Wipe up messes
Take laundry to laundry room
Put clothes in hamper
Dust with sock on hands
Push in chairs after meals
Sort silverware
4 Years Old

Take dishes to sink after meals
Make bed
Clean room
Put groceries away
5 Years Old

Empty garbage cans
Straighten rooms
Clear table
Clean up after pet
6 Years Old

Load dishwasher
Empty dishwasher
Clean sinks
Mop floors
Fold and put away laundry

7 Years Old
Wash dishes

Clean toilets
Pull weeds
Rake leaves
8 Years Old
Clean mirrors

Sweep floors and patios
Clean windows

9 Years Old
Vacuum interior of car

Wash car
Straighten/organize drawers

Straighten/organize closets
10 Years Old
Clean stove
Clean oven
Do own laundry completely
11 Years Old
Clean refrigerator

Clean cupboards
12 Years Old
Iron own clothes

Mow lawn
File papers

Other Ideas to Consider:
  • Teach your child how to do each task. Show them how to do it. You may have to show them more than once. Be patient and accept their efforts, even if the job isn't perfect.
  • Don't stereotype the chores. (ex. mom cooks, dad mows the lawn, kids clean the bathrooms, etc.) Take turns doing all the chores. It will only empower your child when they get older.
  • Don't pay your child for every chore they do. Children need to do certain chores because they are part of the family. Children can earn money by doing extra chores or tasks. This helps eliminate the sense of "entitlement."
  • Hang a chore chart to see what has been done/needs to be done. If your child can't read, draw pictures to represent the chores. Check off the list with stickers. 
  • Before bedtime, do a "15-minute pick-up." Everyone must participate for those full 15 minutes- picking up and putting away things that are out of place and straightening up the rooms. We like to see how much we can do before the timer runs out. 
  • Click HERE to print cleaning cards. Each card is a checklist of things to be cleaned in a room of the house. These are great to pass out to your children to make sure they don't miss anything. I love these cards! 

Good Luck!

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