Monday, January 30, 2012

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Donut Hole Topiary Tips

I've been finding some very cute ideas on Pinterest. I LOVE the donut topiary idea. I decided to give the topiary a try for a baby shower brunch. It turned out okay but there are some tips that I'd like to share if you decide to try it out. There are some things I would do differently.

#1: Instead of wrapping your styrofoam cone in wax paper, choose a nice wrapping paper that matches the theme. Then, when people start picking the donuts off there will be a cute cone underneath and not a dumb ol' white cone.

wrapping paper vs. wax paper

#2 Stick the toothpicks in one at a time and put the donut on right after the pick is in. Stick the toothpicks closer together. You will feel like you are squishing them in but it looks so much better. Donuts are pretty forgiving so adjust the donut if you need to so that there aren't a lot of gaps.

non-squishing vs. squishing a little

#3: Instead of putting a donut on the very top, put some kind of decoration on the very top. Maybe a cake topper, or some ribbon streamers, or a flower. Also, if there are some little gaps that you don't like, try putting some tiny silk flowers in the gaps.

Donut on top vs. something cute on the top

My next topiary will be darn cute!

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  1. Love this idea! Way cute for any type of party.

  2. It looks great and simple to do. Would love to give this a try.

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  3. Your tips are amazing! They helped me so much!


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