Friday, January 20, 2012

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Darling Debit Cards

I love Valentine's Day. I love the colors, decorations, candy, and all the lovey dovey stuff. I found these darling gift card-like love coupons at the dollar store. There are 4 cards in a pack and there are 4 different packs. What a fun find!

Usually when I see "love coupons" they usually entail a really expensive coupon like "a weekend getaway" or "day at the spa." And then there are the absurd coupons like "you win an argument" or "servant for a day." ??

Anyway, back to the love. I like these love coupons because they are easy to do and are fun to do! Pick the ones you are willing to do. If you don't have money for a night on the town, don't give that one. Maybe save up and give it for a birthday!

Or you can get really creative and create your own "night on the town" cheap-o style. My night on the town would probably be an In-N-Out picnic dinner, a walk at the harbor, and star-gazing with blankets on the beach. Let your creativity fly!

If anything, these are good ideas to create your own coupons or just little things you can do for your significant other.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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