Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Vegetarian Pita Sandwich

Yesterday I made a vegetarian pita sandwich for lunch. It was REALLY good! I wanted another but held myself back.

Try it!

For the bread I used Orowheat (or if you live on the east coast, Arnold) brand 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins. They're only 100 calories for 1 roll.

On one side of the roll I spread some mild roasted garlic hummus (from Trader Joe's) and on the other side of the roll I spread some tzatziki sauce (also from Trader Joe's) in place of mayo or mustard.

I loaded the sandwich inside with lettuce, tomato and cucumber slices. I sprinkled a little bit of low fat feta cheese to top it off.

Serve this sandwich with a whole carrot and some apple slices on the side! Enjoy your healthy lunch!

I know what I'm having for lunch again today!

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  1. After seeing this blog post - I had to try it! I omitted the feta (I'm not big on cheeses), and added a heap of avocado slices.. WOW. Amazing! Thanks for the idea! I would have never thought to put both hummus and tzatziki sauce on a sandwich, and it may be my new favorite combo!


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