Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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Preschool Manipulatives (And They're Cheap!)

Does anyone else LOVE Target's dollar bins? I love to find little treasures. On my last trip to Target, I found these 3 packages. Yes, $1.00 each.

First we opened the Bolts and Nuts. We decorated our laundry basket. My next plan is to get some cardboard pieces and put holes in it so we can actually build something. I like how each bolt is a different shape and the nut matches in color and shape.

These are our circus people. They are very good at balancing.

We haven't opened up the lacing beads yet. We've been having too much fun with the other two. Maybe we'll have a chance today.

These are great manipulatives for preschoolers. MJ loved counting and sorting the people too. I bet you could create all sorts of great games with these.

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