Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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Make Your Own Butter

What do you do with that leftover heavy cream in your refrigerator? Make butter!

It's easy, quick, and fun!

You will need:
Heavy cream
A smallish jar (baby food jar, jam jar, etc.)

1. For best results, make sure your cream and jar are cold. I put my jar in the freezer for 5 minutes.

2. Fill your jar about half-way full.

3. Start shaking! Shake your jar vigorously. Take turns with your child. (The smaller the jar, the quicker it takes to make your butter.) The picture below is what it looks like after 2 minutes.

4. Keep shaking. At 3 minutes it feels like nothing is moving inside but it's working. Below is what it looks like at 3 1/2 minutes.

5. Keep shaking. Here is what it looks like at 4 minutes. You can see the separation of butter and liquid.

6. Shake a little bit longer. Here's what we had at 4 1/2 minutes!

7. Drain the liquid and stir in a little salt. YOU'RE DONE! Try it! You'll be surprised! It's delicious! And you made it!


  1. If you work in Primary, this is a fun activity to do for Pioneer Day- especially this year since it falls on a Sunday. Have the children take turns shaking the jar- during sharing time or singing time or both. Make sure you use a jar that has a good seal on it. Bake some homemade bread ahead of time and when the children are finished shaking, spread some butter on the homemade bread for a nice "pioneer" treat.

  2. You can also just pour the Heavy Cream in a food processor and let it go for 5 minutes! :) But where's the fun in that! ;)


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