Friday, July 29, 2011

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Dating at Home: Chocolate Tasting!

This week's dating at home idea...

Chocolate Tasting!

This is going to be a delicious date! What's better than being with your spouse and chocolate?

Today I'm going to Trader Joe's and a few other places to pick up some assorted chocolates. I'd really like to try some new chocolates rather than Hershey's and Dove (which I LOVE Dove!)

I made a Chocolate Tasting Ratings Chart. It's extremely simple and you can download it HERE if you wish to use it. Fill it in with your findings. You can either write a description in the boxes or fill it in with your ratings, on a scale of 1-10. I haven't decided how I want to rate my chocolate yet. ;)

I didn't know that chocolate tasting was so complex! Check out this chocolate tasting wheel from Chocopolis. (I chose this wheel because I thought it was the prettiest. No joke.)

For more information about chocolate tasting, check out these two sites that I liked.

Chocolate Tasting 101

Enjoy your date!

I know I will.

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