Monday, July 25, 2011

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Chocolate Bowls: My 2 Cents

So, you've seen those cute, fancy chocolate bowls made with the balloons? I tried it. They turned out okay. A couple suggestions:

*Don't use water balloons. They stuck to the chocolate after popping them. (Yes, I used cooking spray before dipping the balloons in chocolate) Use thicker balloons, but still small enough for a cute bowl.
*Make sure you wash the balloons and let them air dry- as most instructions suggest. Don't skip this step.
*Make sure your chocolate isn't the slightest bit warm or else the balloon will pop.
* I would melt a bag of chocolate chips with a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Chips. THAT would make one heck of a delicious bowl.
*I would also decorate the bowl after it is dry for extra cuteness. Pipe a little icing on the bowl with cute polka dots or something fun.

If you don't have a ton of time, these are also quick and easy and fun. Just paint chocolate onto the side of cupcake liners and put them in the freezer to harden. Once they are done, just peel the paper off and voila! You're done! The paper comes of so easy! (Just work quickly so the chocolate doesn't melt in your hand.) Next time I would use the LARGE cupcake liners. These are standard. These would work great if you are filling them with smaller portions.


  1. Brilliant! I tried doing the balloon bowls a couple of years ago - but the balloons appeared to have bonded to the chocolate at a molecular level or something, and I didn't get any usable bowls. Yes, I think they were water balloons - wish I'd read your advice before! :) But I LOVE the cupcake liner idea! My daughter and I decided you could very easily use mini cupcake liners, fill them with our homemade Reese's bar recipe, and top off with chocolate... yum!

  2. love this! Great idea. Thanks :)

  3. Taffi! You're making my mouth water!! I think I need your recipe! Sounds amazing!!

  4. Great idea! I have some silicone cupcake liners which I think would work well. Now just to decide what to fill little chocolate bowls with...

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I blogged about you today - LOVE this post and you'll see why when you read mine!!

  6. really cute idea and looks much nicer than the balloon. Thanks for sharing

  7. I'm going to be trying these this evening - some milk chocolate and some dark - will let you know.

  8. Lesley-Anne, I hope they work out for you! I'd love to know which chocolate you prefer. :)

  9. I have used balloons a few times and silicon molds a few times. Haven't tried the liners though. I think I had envisioned the paper fusing to the chocolate. Glad to know it works well. I actually liked the balloons and didn't have any problem with them. Maybe I just got lucky with whatever brand I bought. As for the silicon molds, because I hadn't used them for anything else yet, they were a little too stiff to let me pop the chocolate out easily. Most of them came out OK, but a few gave me a hard time, so I "double dipped" those by lining the inside milk chocolate layer with white chocolate. That made them sturdy enough and gave me a variety to fill. I'll have to try the liners next. :)

  10. I think your cups are far cuter than the balloon cups and I agree there are just too many chemicals in balloons to trust using them.

  11. you can take it a step further. we use the silicone cupcake liners. paint the inside of one with chocolate, then press another into the middle of it. when it is set you have a 'bowl' with decorative ridges on both the inside and the outside!

  12. Jonna!
    I love your idea!! I can't wait to try it! Sounds super easy and much cuter!

  13. Patty!
    Thank you for your kind words!

  14. oh I like that chocolate
    i love eating that's why im too fat now :)
    but most of the time what i eat are chocolates
    in fact i buy macaroons online
    because that's my favorite which is chocolate macaroons.
    well anyway that chocolate above are interesting i wanna try that.


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