Saturday, February 6, 2016

Singing Time: Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts

Valentine's Day is one of my very favorite holidays. Last year I posted this activity to another blog (and ended up shutting it down due to traffic control).  So, I'm posting it here again for this year.

I really liked THIS idea by Crafts By Friends. I wanted to copy this but didn't have a lot of time to make the hearts and paint them. I had Peter Priesthood (aka my hot husband) work his Photoshop and Illustrator skills and whip me up some "conversation hearts" that I could just print out, cut, and laminate. He delivered. 

Feel free to download and print the PDF for all images HERE.

Last year I got to the Primary room about 10 minutes early and posted hearts all over the room. When it was time for Singing Time I expressed how excited I was for Valentine's Day. I explained to the children what conversation hearts were to jog their memory and for my Sunbeams who didn't know what they were. You can even bring in a bag of hearts to show the children and reward  them at the end for good singing. 

I chose one child to pick a heart and read the message. It was easier for Senior Primary to try to guess which song we were going to sing based on the message. I also put a post-it note on the back that indicated HOW were were going to sing the song (hum, every other word, boys/girls, teachers/children, with actions, etc.) to mix it up a bit. 

Here are the possible songs for each heart. I wrote these songs on the back with the song number so it would be easy for me to tell the pianist which song we were going to sing. 

Scripture Power (Friend)
Chapel Doors (CS #156)
If You're Happy (CS #266)
A Happy Family (CS #198)
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man (CS #281)
Listen, Listen (#107)
Search, Ponder, and Pray (CS #109)
Jesus Said Love Everyone (CS #61)
Nephi's Courage (CS #120)
Families Can Be Together Forever (CS #188)
Do As I'm Doing (CS #276)
I Am a Child of God (CS #2)
Teach Me to Walk in the Light (CS #177)
We Are Different (CS #263)
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus (CS #78)
Follow the Prophet
I Will Follow God's Plan (CS #164)
When We're Helping (CS #198)
Love One Another (CS #136)
Friends Are Fun (CS #262)
The Family Is of God (Friend)
Daddy's Homecoming (CS #210)
Children All Over the World (CS #16)
Help Me, Dear Father (CS #99)
I Hope They Call Me on a Mission (CS #169)
Quickly I'll Obey (CS #197)
Stand For the Right (CS #159)
Our Primary Colors (CS #258)
Snow Is Falling (CS #241)
Once There Was a Snowman (CS #249)
Sing, Sing, Sing (CS #253)
Smiles (CS #267)
I Am Like a Star (CS #163)
In the Leafy Treetops (CS #240)

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve this activity, or even variations of this activity, I'd love to hear. I always want to improve Singing Time. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Indoor Date Idea: Chocolate Milk Tasting

When you've got kids and it's hard to get out and go on a date, check out my indoor date ideas.
You don't have to leave your house, spend lots of money, or do a ton of planning to date your spouse. 

 Last night, on a school night, my husband and I reconnected through chocolate milk. We had a CHOCOLATE MILK TASTING night and it was delicious! We probably drank our weight in chocolate milk but it was worth it. 

We put together a simple scoring chart and rated our local chocolate milks. Based on price, packaging, smell, consistency, texture, color and taste, we decided who was clearly the winner and the loser. 

We had fun being together and enjoyed our 4 servings of chocolate milk each. YIKES!

Baptism Birthday Bubble Gum Necklace

This year I want to give my Primary kids a birthday gift from me. I just love these kids and want them to know that I am thinking about them. I came up with this bubble gum necklace for my eight year-olds. The song lyrics printable for "When I Am Baptized" came from Larcie Bird's blog. It is just darling! Visit her blog for a free printable.

I love these bubble gum necklaces. I will post a tutorial on how to put them together in the the next couple of days, if you're interested in making them at home.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Adapting Singing Time to Multiple Intelligences

Children learn different ways. Some children can learn a new song by just reading words. Others need some pictures or perform actions to really learn a song. And, still for others, these ideas may not be very effective. So, we are going to explore the different ways people learn. You may even find out the best way YOU learn.

Multiple Intelligences is a theory proposed by Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist. His theory suggests that our intelligence is contingent upon different abilities. We learn best through different means and not all by the same mean. 

The theory outlines eight abilities: 

Verbal- linguistic
Visual- spatialLogical- mathematical
Musical- rhythmic and harmonic
Bodily- kinesthetic

Let's go more into depth with each ability. The following diagram is a good summary.

You may already know what type of learner you are by looking at the chart. You may be a combination of these abilities. Primary is made up of many different types of learners. So, how do we adapt Singing Time to these different types of learners? 

Here is a chart I created with some popular Singing Time teaching methods or ideas that coincide with the different abilities. I hope this is helpful when planning your next Singing Time lesson.
If you have any comments or ideas to add to the list please feel free to share. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

General Conference Activity Bags: Part 2

As promised, here is Part 2 of General Conference Activity Bags. If you missed Part 1, click HERE.

Dot sticker printables. I came across a great blog that had these fun dot sticker printables, especially made for conference. You can find them HERE at Moms Have Questions Too blog. I love this idea!

Here are a couple of other printables that I really liked:

Family Tree. Kids can either write in the names of their family members or draw pictures of the people on this cute Family Tree. Click HERE for the printable.

Self-portrait. Kids can draw their face on this printable. There is also a boy version. Click HERE (girl) and HERE (boy) to access these cute printables.

Primary Colors: dot sticker activity or string a cereal necklace using the primary colors.

Create conference binoculars, glasses, spy glass, or goggles.

General Conference Memory Game. I saved some pictures from and created my own set of memory cards.

Write a note to someone special.

Decorate a Scripture Power bookmark. I created my own but used clipart from THIS blog and from Sugardoodle. Very cute clipart. (People are so talented!)

File folder games. I created a couple of file folder games using a Sunday Savers book and an article from the September 2005 Friend magazine PDF, pages 12 & 13. 

 Have a picnic lunch in front of the TV. 
(I'm getting fancy and got some special bags for lunch this time.)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

General Conference Activity Bags: Part 1

The spring session of General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be held April 6-7 2013. We are already excited and looking forward to hearing from our beloved prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and other leaders of the Church.

In preparation for this year's General Conference I've been putting together some activity bags for my daughters. They are pretty young still but they can do activities and listen while we try to listen too. My inspiration is not original. I saw the idea of activity bags on Sugardoodle and just tweaked some of the activities to meet the needs/ages of my daughters.

Here's what I have gathered and prepared so far:

Who's the Speaker?
At the beginning of each talk, my daughters pick the picture of the speaker and place him at the pulpit. As they listen, they pick from a bunch of pictures that represent the theme of the talk and place them near the speaker. Inspired by THIS blog.

Family Stick Puppets
 I made copies from the nursery manual "Behold Your Little Ones" (Lesson 11 "I Love My Family")

Money Banks
Decorate tithing, savings and spending money jars made from empty frosting jars


Conference Bingo
Printed from LDS Handouts. Include some yummy treats or candy as Bingo markers.

Silent Pictionary
Children can draw the gospel words from the list or draw pictures that represent the speaker's message.

Include a fun pencil.

Coloring Pages
These pages are available to print from

Dry Erase The Friend magazine activity pages
We made this notebook from past issues of The Friend magazine and included dry erase pens and an old sock as an eraser. This notebook is always in our church bag.

Mold the message
Mold the gospel words from the list or mold pictures that represent the speaker's message.

This page came from an actual Color-by-Number activity book that I had purchased. You can print a page of the baptism of Jesus and another of two missionaries from Click HERE to print. They are found on pages 2 & 3. 

I Am a Child of God origami crown
Follow the folding instructions to create a paper crown. Glue sequins to the crown for jewels.
Remember that you are a daughter or son of a King. (Also goes with the Primary theme for this year.)

Build a temple
Build a temple using wooden blocks. You can either build your own or replicate existing temples using the pictures as your blueprints.

This is what I have so far. I plan on putting together a few more activities and will post those as soon as I have them ready.

Also, if you have any other ideas, please feel free to leave a comment. I'm always looking for new activities for this and future conferences. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Positive Attention Rewards

I have a sweet little 4-year old can behave well at times and get into trouble at times. She's a normal toddler. When she gets into trouble, she gets disciplined and loses privileges and such. However, when she behaves well and helps out, she normally gets a couple of words of praise and that's it. The scale of discipline and praise isn't quite balanced.

As I thought about it, I wanted to reward my daughter with something that let her know that she was appreciated and valued for her help and good behavior. However, I did not want to give her treats, toys, stickers, etc. I wanted the rewards to be special.

I came up with some "Positive Attention Rewards." They are basically rewards that require the parent (me and/or my husband) to give positive attention to the child. That's what all children want. They just want some attention. 

I put the following rewards on craft sticks and put them in a little jar. At the end of the day, my daughter gets to choose a reward for her good behavior and help during the day. These are some of my daughter's favorite activities. Some of these activities we do during the day anyway, but they are extra special at night because 1) my daughter doesn't really look forward to bedtime, and 2) daddy is home to join in on the fun.

Positive Attention Rewards
  • schedule a play date with a friend
  • love notes from mom & dad
  • play a game with mom & dad
  • go on a short walk and visit a neighbor
  • 10 minutes of art before bedtime
  • extra story at bedtime
  • extra song at bedtime
  • stay up extra 10 minutes
  • dance party
  • 10 minutes of computer games
  • free choice activity (game, craft, paint nails, etc.)
  • 10 minutes of cuddles at bedtime
  • massage (she likes arm and feet massages)
  • pick what's for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • laundry basket ride (child sits in laundry basket and mom or dad pulls child on carpet, like an indoor sled)
  • wrestle with mommy and daddy
What I have noticed lately is that my daughter really wants these rewards at night so she is working harder to behave better during the day. I also want her to get these rewards so I'm trying my best to look at the big picture and let the little things go. It has also brought a fun feeling into our home because we are happier at night when we get to play together as a family before bedtime. 

If you have other suggestions for rewards, please leave a comment. I'm always looking for new rewards to add to the jar.