Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Christmas Traditions Box: Build a TP Snowman Game + Candy Cane Drop Game

 I love getting together with friends at Christmastime. This past weekend we visited a family friend. She hosted a delicious dinner followed by games for the kids. One of the games they played was Build a TP Snowman Game. Next year we will add this game to our Christmas box.

Here's how you play:

Build a TP Snowman Game

Materials: one roll of toilet paper per team, paper carrots, paper eyes (just cut out of paper- one set per team)

This is a relay game. Divide your players into two teams. One person from each team is chosen to be "the snowman." Players "build" a snowman by wrapping a teammate in toilet paper. They have to use the entire roll of toilet paper before taping on the carrot nose and eyes. The first team to complete their snowman wins! You can add a hat, buttons, etc.

The kids had a great time. Even the losing team was cracking jokes.

"Here. I'm covering your face so you can't see how badly we're losing." HAHA!

Last week we did include a game for our kids to open in our Christmas Traditions gift box. We included the instructions and materials for the game. It's an easy game to play so everyone can participate, the setup is a cinch, and the materials are cheap. It's my kind of family game.

How to play:

Candy Cane Drop Game:

Tie some ribbon or twine between the backs of two chairs about 3-4 feet apart. Players can either kneel or stand on the chairs as they drop a candy cane (real or fake) and try to get it to stay on the ribbon. The first player to get a candy cane to stay on the ribbon wins. Or you can take turns and whomever gets the most candy canes to stay on the ribbon wins.

Dollar Tree has fake candy cane ornaments that work great for this game. So many candy canes bounced off the ribbon and onto the floor so fake candy canes were ideal. If you use real candy canes, I would suggest playing the game on carpet to minimize broken candy canes.

Our family loved this game. Even grandma joined in on the fun to see if she could beat us out.

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