Thursday, March 15, 2012

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Pocket Coat

This is my pocket coat. I took a lab coat from a uniform supply store, sewed some pockets onto it, and turned it into something fun. I am the one that usually wears the coat for the activities that we do but anyone can wear it.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with it:

Spotlight: This is why I made the pocket coat in the first place. For preschool, or Sunday School, we would do a special spotlight on one child each week. I would gather together some interesting facts about the child (favorite color, favorite ice cream flavor, special talents, skills, etc.) with help from his/her parents. I would create a cute clue on 3x5 cards and put one clue in each pocket. The children would take turns pulling out a clue from the pockets and try to guess who the special spotlight was. The actual spotlight got to take home all the clues. (You could also do this with small trinkets that the child could keep.)

Delightful Dining: Load the pockets with questions to ask your children at dinnertime. Have your children take turns choosing a question. Let one child wear the coat. (It makes a great apron and it's completely washable.)

Color matching game: fill up the pockets with small items (or color cards) that match the color on the pocket.

Flashcards: Insert flashcards into the pockets. Let your child pick a card (sight words, numbers, letters, math, etc.)

Activity Day: Fill the pockets with activities that your child can do throughout the day. Pick a new card once you finish an activity.

Hide and Go Seek: Hide 6 different colored plastic eggs that match the pocket colors. The child that finds the eggs wears the coat. When he/she finds an egg, he/she puts the egg into the pocket that matches the color. The child will know which eggs are found or missing according to the pockets that are filled or empty.

Taking Turns: Hide numbered cards in each pocket. Each child picks one pocket/card. The child with the the #1 card goes first. The child with the #2 card goes second, etc.

Chores: Load chores into the pockets. Have your children pick a chore to accomplish.

What would you use it for?

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