Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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Mickey's Mousercise!

Let me take you back to the 80's when Mickey's Mousercise was super awesome!

We listened to the songs on vinyl when I was in elementary school. We pushed all the desks out of the way on rainy days and exercised in our classroom with our teacher. If we were really lucky we'd watch it on VHS and follow along.

I wish they had this on DVD. It would be part of my library so fast! The good news is that there is a great little work out song available through iTunes. I've used it in my preschool co-op and the kids LOVE it! They love the medley of songs they all recognize, and it's easy to follow along-Mickey and Goofy tell you exactly what to do throughout the song.

For a 7-minute Mousercise workout with your own kids or preschool, download the "Mousercise Medley" on iTunes for $0.99

I guarantee your little ones will have fun. I know mine do!

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