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5 Must-Haves When Traveling With Kids

I recently flew from L.A. to Boston with my two toddler girls. Hubs was already back at work so I was literally "flying" solo from sea to shining sea. Though the trip was long, I had some things with me that made traveling with kids a whole lot easier. I'm sharing my 5 Must-Haves when traveling with kids:

1) Diaper Sacks: great for disposing of diapers and trash.

I think I used 3 of these bags on the plane. Having my tray table down is asking for trouble with a toddler on my lap. And it seems like the flight attendants can't get to my seat fast enough, or often enough, to collect any empty cups (or cups with ice), napkins, or garbage. I keep these in the seat pocket and collected my own garbage during the flight.

I've also used these to store wet clothes. You never know what might happen.

These particular diaper sacks are Munchkin brand and are easily obtained from Target.

2) Wipes: anti-bacterial for surfaces AND for skin.

Purell is great but I like wipes when traveling. I like to sanitize tray tables and arm rests- things my kids will be eating off of and putting their hands all over. I also like to sanitize my kids' hands and clean up their faces. Grab both kinds of wipes. (Then dispose of them in your diaper sack ;)

NOTE: Anti-bacterial wipes for surfaces should NOT be used on skin, especially on children's skin. And, anti-bacterial wipes for skin will NOT disinfect surfaces! (I've seen people try to sanitize tables with Purell and napkins. It doesn't work that way.)

3) Activities: Keep your child(ren) occupied!

Here are some ideas: workbooks, coloring books, puzzle books, crayons, Aquadoodle, Magnadoodle, magnet dolls/play scenes, Brain Quest questions, stickers, sketchbook, I Spy bag or books, tangrams, brain teaser puzzle games (ones that you hold in your hand, not in book form- like a Rubik's Cube), books, card game, Chinese jump rope (if your child is old enough to know how to play Cat's Cradle, hand-held video games, etc.

You might want to think about wrapping up or hiding a new activity. Bring it out when your child is getting bored.

4) Snacks: get a variety to keep your little one(s) happy. Choose less-messy snacks.

Ideas: String cheese, raisins or other dried fruit, nuts, crackers, cookies, apple slices, grapes, summer sausage (pre-sliced), fruit snacks, gum (for ears), lollipops (kids will spend time on these, and they are good bribes! Yes, I bribe my children with candy sometimes.)

5) Extra pair of clothes: put them in a plastic bag in your carry-on. Keep it close by.

If your child has an accident, or a diaper leaks, or he/she spills something on him/herself, you are ready to go with a new outfit at any time. Swap out the dry clothes and put the wet clothes in the plastic bag.

And if, for some reason, your baggage gets lost you will at least have a spare outfit until you can get things resolved.

You never know what might happen with kids. But if you're prepared, you won't go crazy.

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  1. Bring dry clothes for yourself also. That messy diaper or spilled juice box may decide to land on you instead of the little one. I remember riding for 2000 miles with apple juice all down my side. It's not fun.


  2. Kathi! You're absolutely right! I've had that happen to me too! Awful!!!

  3. I see great wisdom in your list! Thanks for sharing at the Rock 'N Share!

  4. 5 Must-Haves When Traveling With Kids Very good five tips click


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