Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Spring is basically here for most of the U.S. We are enjoying our high 70s - low 80s here. I love the spring! It makes me happy for life! I get giddy seeing the little buds on the trees and their progression. I love the sun and love how it brings people outdoors. There is energy again!

This year I finally decided to make "eggheads" with my daughter. We got a bag of grass seed and soil, and then carefully cracked our eggs when we cooked, and saved the shells.

We filled the eggs about 3/4 full with soil, added some quick-sprouting grass seeds, and topped it off with more soil. Then we watered them.

In about 3 days it was sprouting.

In 7 days, it looked like this. Not joking.

Today we took our eggheads to the salon (aka kitchen table) and got their hair cut.

My 3-year old was in heaven!!! Scissors!!! Cutting "hair"!!!

They turned out lovely.

We'll keep watering them and she'll be able to cut them again next week!

We're doing another experiment- growing grass seed on a sponge.
It seems to be working so far.

Side view

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  1. Cute ideas! Just beware, if you have roaches in your region, the grass seems to attract them, especially on the sponge. =) Love the faces on the egg shells!


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