Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Juice Pops

Yesterday I was making some fresh-squeezed orange juice with my 3 year old. This is what happened:

MJ- "Hey! You squirted me!"

Me- "I squirted you? I'm sorry."

MJ- "It's okay. It was just a squirty accident."

MJ loves popsicles and the Disney Channel. There is a fun segment on Disney Jr. called Three Healthy Steps with Special Agent Oso. Special Agent Oso makes frozen juice pops by filling up an ice cube tray with juice and sticking tooth picks in the center of each cube. MJ has been dying to make them so we did! Our fresh-squeezed orange juice pops turned out fantastic.

I think MJ ate 6 of them this morning. I didn't care because it was healthy and she had fun eating them. To her, it was like having a popsicle (or 6) for breakfast! Lucky girl! We will be making more of these. Maybe I can throw some other things in the orange juice, like carrot juice or something, to get her to eat more vegetables!

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