Friday, June 17, 2011

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Dating At Home

It's always harder to go out with your spouse on regular dates when you have children. Finding a sitter, paying a sitter, and paying for your date can be a little challenging at times but it doesn't mean that you should stop dating your spouse. Go out when you can! And when you can't, try doing an at-home date.

Here's this week's indoor dating idea:

Play TICKET TO RIDE board game!

It comes in a box like this:

Has a board like this:

And trains like these:

The object of the game is to complete train routes by laying down tracks (or train pieces) from city to city on the game board map. Train routes are determined by mission cards that each player receives and keeps to themselves. This game is one of our favorites! We will be playing this tonight. I highly recommend adding it to your game collection.

Invite another couple over to play with you! Serve your favorite dessert, like Dreyer's French Silk ice cream. Oh my!

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