Thursday, December 1, 2011

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Tradition of Christmas Stockings

This morning we had our normal co-op preschool. Today we talked about the tradition of Christmas stockings.

The tradition of hanging Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve originate from Turkey. The story goes that there were three girls that couldn't get married because they were too poor to have dowries. St. Nicholas, who was the bishop of Myra at the time, threw three bags of gold down their chimney. The bags of gold landed in their stockings that were hanging up to dry by the fire. Now kids hang their stockings up on Christmas Eve in hopes that they will be filled with special toys and gifts.

After we talked about the story, we "sewed" our own stockings (two pieces of construction paper cut out in the shape of a stocking and yarn) and decorated them. We hung them on our Christmas tree. When it was time to go, the kids picked up their stockings which were "magically" filled with chocolate gold coins. We had a great time today!

TIP: To make it easier for kids to lace the yarn through the holes, wrap a piece of masking tape around the tip of the yarn.

I picked up a bag of chocolate coins at Trader Joe's and they are delicious!

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