Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Dating at Home: Letters to Santa & Wish List

I love Christmas! I love everything about it! However, it can get very busy with gift shopping, meal planning, cooking, cleaning, visiting friends, families, neighbors, etc. Don't forget your spouse in all the hustle and bustle. Spend some time alone together and enjoy the holidays!

Here are a couple of date ideas that focus on just you and your spouse during this fabulous time of year.

1) Write a letter to Santa about how nice (or how naughty ;) your spouse has been. Brag to Santa about your spouse. Read your letters to each other when you're done writing.

For example:

Dear Santa,
My sweet husband has been extra nice this year. This year he...

Dear Santa
My super hot husband has been naughty this year. This year he...

Click HERE to print a blank Letter to Santa.

2) Create a wish list for your spouse. This isn't an actual Christmas list. It's more of a "dream" list. If you had all the resources in the world, what would you get for your spouse for Christmas? Clip pictures out of magazines or print some off the computer of specific things you would get for your spouse for Christmas. Think of your spouse's interests, hobbies, dreams, goals, etc. They could even be funny, unique gifts. Put all the pictures in a box. Take turns sharing your "gifts."

Here are a few things I would get my husband.

His own art studio in our dream home!

Grass blade bookmarks. Still waiting for these to be sold in the US.
Face mug. He loves milk with his cookies.

Happy dating!

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  1. ohhh! i really like your creative date night ideas. please do keep posting. Thanks. God Bless.


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