Monday, September 12, 2011

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Rocket Balloons

Rocket Balloons are a great boredom buster. I have a stash of these in my rainy day (or "too cold to go outside") activity box.

I like these balloons for several reasons:

1. They are reusable (though I don't encourage sharing them. That's just gross.) Fill them up and let them go!
2. They fly high.
3. They make noise!
4. Kids love to chase them and try to catch them on their way down. I love to see the kids go wild for these.
5. Fun indoors and outdoors.

You can order them on or on the official Rocket Balloon website. I actually found them at a novelty candy store. Keep your eyes peeled! They cost about $5 for 30 balloons. I think it's a great deal for reusable balloons.

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