Friday, September 23, 2011

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Apple Printing to Make Sand Dollars

Today we did some apple printing. But, instead of just making prints of apples, we dipped our apples in white paint to make sand dollars. We printed them on paper bags to mimic the sand.

I think I might redo this activity again in December and talk about the Legend of the Sand Dollar. I'll get some real sand dollars to put inside the bag with a copy of the legend:

Upon this odd-shaped sea shell
A legend grand is told
About the life of Jesus
The wondrous tale of old

The center marking plainly shows
The well known Guiding Star
That led to tiny Bethlehem
The Wise Men from afar

The Christmas flower, Poinsettia
For His Nativity
The Resurrection too is marked
The Easter Lily, see

Five wounds were suffered by our Lord
From nails and Roman's spear
When He died for us on the cross
The wounds show plainly here

Within the shell, should it be broke,
Five Doves of Peace are found
To emphasize this legend
So may Love and Peace abound

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