Monday, August 29, 2011

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DIY: Tea Party Hats

Under this hat is my cute niece. She is having a tea party with her cousins. They made their own hats, with some help from their moms.

Want to make your own hat?
  1. Cut about 3 feet of butcher paper (we used paper that was about 24" wide).
  2. Mold the paper over the child's head.
  3. Wrap some tape around the child's head to keep the shape. This way the hat will fit and stay on.
    4. Roll up the edges of the paper to form the brim of the hat.
    5. Take the hat off and DECORATE! Use feathers, bows, ribbons, sequins, pearls, tissue paper, etc.) We made some tissue paper flowers to go with the whole "paper" idea. Click HERE for a tutorial on how to make easy tissue paper flowers.

MJ had a blast with her cousins. They all looked darling in their little hats. I think we might try a tea party-themed birthday in the spring.

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