Friday, June 22, 2012

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Dating At Home: Free Online Book Samples

Tonight is date night! 

One of my favorite things to do with my husband is go to the bookstore and browse the books and magazines. We will grab Caribbean magazines and dream about our next exotic escape from real life, which most likely won't happen until our kids move out of the house in 18+ years, since our youngest daughter is 1. But we love the torture of dreaming.

When we can't get out to go to the bookstore alone, we go to the bookstore online once the kids are in bed. We read a few free samples and then download a book to read together. 

The book sample that caught our attention most recently was Bossypants by Tina Fey. If you are a Tina Fey fan, I highly recommend this book. Here's an excerpt of her book to get a taste:

During the spring semester of kindergarten, I was slashed in the face by a stranger in the alley behind my house. Don’t worry. I’m not going to lay out the grisly details for you like a sweeps episode of Dateline. I only bring it up to explain why I’m not going to talk about it.

I’ve always been able to tell a lot about people by whether they ask me about my scar. Most people never ask, but if it comes up naturally somehow and I offer up the story, they are quite interested. Some people are just dumb: “Did a cat scratch you?” God bless. Those sweet dumdums I never mind. Sometimes it is a fun sociology litmus test, like when my friend Ricky asked me, “Did they ever catch the black guy that did that to you?” Hmmm. It was not a black guy, Ricky, and I never said it was.

"Then there’s another sort of person who thinks it makes them seem brave or sensitive or wonderfully direct to ask me about it right away. They ask with quiet, feigned empathy, “How did you get your scar?” The grossest move is when they say they’re only curious because “it’s so beautiful.” Ugh. Disgusting. They might as well walk up and say, “May I be amazing at you?” To these folks let me be clear. I’m not interested in acting out a TV movie with you where you befriend a girl with a scar. An Oscar-y Spielberg movie where I play a mean German with a scar? Yes.

We loved laughing together as we read about her personal experiences. 

Do you read with your spouse? If so, which book(s) do you recommend?

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