Monday, October 24, 2011

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Sew Much To Do

I finally got out my sewing machine and sewed this weekend! I finished this textured blanket. It's not very cute but it's fun.

I was tired of using plastic bags to hold toys for several reasons:
1) Plastic bags should be kept away from children
2) The bags wear out
3) Children can't close them easily
4) They don't hold a lot of toys

My solution: make drawstring fabric bags! I ended up making 3 bags since they are so easy to make. I made one for MJ's tea set, one for play food, and one for little cars. I tried to use fabric that symbolized what was in the bag. It makes it a whole lot easier to sort and find toys for little ones. You will notice that this fabric bag with teacups holds MJ's tea set.

Project #3: Fabric book. I made this book for a friend's baby shower. I LOVE fabric books. They last a lot longer than board books. They are harmless and baby can turn the pages easily.

Peanut wished this one were for her.

I am also sewing a costume for MJ. I usually don't sew clothes because it requires more than just straight seams (notice my 3 previous projects above) and it takes time! I like easy, quick projects. I need to have the costume done by Wednesday so I hope to post it sometime this week.


  1. My favorite tip for toy storage is using mesh laundry bags. You know, the ones you wash your "delicates" in. The mesh is awesome because you can still see everything that's in the bag, the kids can get them unzipped, and there is no suffocation hazard.

  2. Kristin! What a great idea!!! Probably cheaper and easier! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!!


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